An extension to stay in charted territory.

RATL is a community that checks crypto apps to ensure its members are safe before interacting with the blockchain. Never browse alone again.
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Why use RATL?

CRYPTO SCAM ARE RAMPANT. In 2021, around $11Bn were hacked. These exploits are affecting all types of users, even crypto experts.
DYOR IS NOT ALWAYS AN EASY TASK. Everybody is advising to Do Your Own Research. But it takes time and skill to research apps.
MORE DAPPS ARE POPPING. As more companies are getting into the crypto space, the complexity won't go down any time soon.

A partner to protect you

For now, RATL is aggregating information from known sources (DefiLlama, Defi Safety, Rarible, Opensea) and from new projects' team. A green RATL means that the domain is known. Otherwise, stay safe and look for more information.
Then, more information and scam alerts will be added by identified contributors to notify members and keep data up-to-date.
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